How you learn to work more efficiently

How you learn to work more efficiently

"The most urgent decisions are seldom the most important ones, former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower is reputed to have said. He was considered a master of good time management, that is, the ability to do everything at the right time. With the Eisenhower Method, you learn to distinguish between the important and the urgent. No matter what task lands on your desk: Always sort them into the Eisenhower model first, and then decide what to do and when. We often focus too much on the "urgent and important" field, on those things that need to be done immediately.

Ask yourself: when do I do the things that are important but not urgent? When do I give myself time to complete important tasks before they become urgent? This is where the strategic long-term decisions lie.

Another way to better manage your time is attributed to multi-billionaire Warren Buffett:

Make a list of everything you want to do today. Start with the task at the top of the list, and move on only when you are done with it. Cross off completed tasks on the list.

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